Today I completed all chapters up to the framework deployment. All the classes compiled and worked without modifications. There are 3 main frameworks to choose from when

using this game library - Java appletJava Web Start, or a standalone program that runs on an operating system. The next chapter is animation. I plan on reading the chapter first then working on the game classes for animation. Until next time, happy coding.


Time Worked: 4 hours.

Activity: Completed the chapters of my book and developed my classes up to the framework chapter.


     Note: Look up these words on the internet to get serious definitions. I define them in common folk language.

     Class: It's a java file that holds the code that your creating. A class is like an instruction manual for "an object".

     Package: Used to organize java class files. It's similar to the way directories and files work on a computer.

     Library: It's a group of packages. Compiled up and ready to use.