Hello everyone. Today I have decided to dive into the realm of Java.  I am going to work on a game library that will allow me to build games using the java programming

language. I bought a book along time ago called Advanced Java Game Programming. Now, in the book it references J2SE as the current version of java. The current version of java that is on my computer is J8SE. This means that I have no idea if this book will create a game library usable to create java games. With that said, I will document my progress and see what happens. Here is the link to Java if you want to explore java like me.


Below is a log of what I did today. Don't worry if it doesn't make sense. In simple terms, it means I did some work.

Time worked: 2 hours.

Activity: I spent the time both reading the book and exploring what the book offers. I went to the website for the book and downloaded the book's software. I started developing the game library. 

Terminology Learned:

     Deployment Frameworks. A standardized mechanism for a container to deploy, launch, run, and gracefully terminate your game on multiple platforms. It manages lifecycles.

Details: Working on LifecycleWindowListener. Completed Lifecycle, Initializable, Destroyable, Commissionable, Stoppable, Startable, Resumable