Zombie Maze Craze

What is Zombie Maze Craze? 

Imagine. You wake up in a dark and creepy room. Your head aches from a pulsating bruise at the back of your skull. You have no idea where you are or how you came to be in this dungeon-like prison cell. The only thing you know is that you are ALIVE.

You see an old, wooden, makeshift elevator in the room. The cables supporting the elevator appear to be ragged and worn, almost unsafe. Do you DARE climb in?

With no other choice, you enter the elevator and the mechanism mysteriously creaks to life. It slowly carries you upward, rocking back and forth in the dank darkness. As your fear rises you wonder, what AWAITS you when it stops?

You emerge upon the surface. The bright sun pierces your eyes, causing you to painfully squint as though you have never seen sunlight. Your hand shields your eyes as you try to look around. WHERE are you?

Then you hear it. Dread fills your soul. Bloodcurdling screeching. The clawing of nails from undead fingers. The moan of evil from undead mouths. The blood trailing from undead steps. You only have a MOMENT to consider your options to SURVIVE.

QUICK.... RUN!!!

The ZOMBIE HORDE bears down upon you!


Zombie Maze Craze is a game that combines the building mechanics of a voxel engine similar to a Minecraft style game, a zombie based wave combat system similar to a Call of Duty style zombies game, and game play based on building and solving mazes.


Is it Free? Yes. As a game created by a group of fun loving gamers, This game was developed to learn and teach how to make games. All contributors to the game have chosen to put their talent to work free of charge and we pass that FREE vibe to you! This game was meant to be fun and to have fun.


Who has contributed to the game? ( This list will be updated as people who contribute to the game provide content or assistance )

Jason Petty - Programmer. Owner of the game and project leader.

Kyle Parks - Game Designer. Everything that has to do with game design.

Donald Moser - Lead Artist. All things artistic.

Matt Bush - Story and Narrative Development. The story behind the game.

Pam Howard - Editor. Ensure we are at our best behavior with words.


Current Development Files.

Be warned that these files are only meant to be downloaded by those who need these files. This is not a game download section.

Unity Packages. Import into the Unity game making software.

A very basic unity package framework - This file will show the overall size and scope of the survival area in zombie maze craze.

Northern Wall Modular Set 1 - This file is the modular set for the northern wall version 1.0.



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