MightyE tells you, "Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of and homage to the classic BBS Door game, Legend of the Red Dragon (aka LoRD) by Seth Able Robinson."

 "LoRD is now owned by Gameport and they retain exclusive rights to the LoRD name and game. That's why all content in Legend of the Green Dragon is new, with only a very few nods to the original game, such as the buxom barmaid, Violet, and the handsome bard, Seth."
Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) is a text-based online role-playing video game, released in 1989. I owned a bulletin board system (BBS) around the early 1990's called "Jace's Night Club". It was a four line BBS. It was prior to the internet. I owned a copy of LORD and I ran it on my bulletin board system. It was a lot of fun and it was during that time that I got the bug to program. In those days, I wanted to write "door game programs". I ran the BBS on software called Renegade and I remember getting super excited when Microsoft released windows which promised the ability to multi-task and this would allow my BBS to run four phone lines. My DOS BBS would only allow one phone line.
Legend of the Green Dragon By Eric Stevens and JT Traub (after version 0.9.7) is released under a Creative Commons License, which essentially means that the source code to the game, and all derivatives of the game must remain open and available upon request. Version 0.9.7 and before are still available under the GNU General Public License though 0.9.7 will be the last release under that license. To use any of the new features requires using the 0.9.8 code. You may explicitly not place code from versions after 0.9.7 into 0.9.7 and release the combined derivative work under the GPL.
"Although serious effort was made to preserve the original feel of the game, numerous departures were taken from the original game to enhance playability, and to adapt it to the web."
"LoGD is programmed in PHP with a MySQL backend. It is known to run on Windows and Linux with appropriate setups. The core code is actively written by Eric Stevens and JT Traub, with some pieces by other authors (denoted in the source at these locations), and the code has been released under a Creative Commons License. Users of the source are bound to the terms therein."
With all that said, I offer a free game of Legend of the Green Dragon for you to enjoy and to step back in time to around 1989 and enjoy an old fashion "Door Game."