Yo Ho Ho!!! Completed a lot of work on this website this weekend. I added a lot of content including the forum! Yes! I also added a game article in the games category. I added the Programming Java Section! I added the user login form so the site has a user base! Added an article on RSS Feeds. Now, I need a break! Hope everyone has a great day!

So what have I been up to? I have been messing around in Java and a little bit in Joomla. Joomla is a content management system for websites. I'm using Joomla for this website. I've really been having fun in Java working with M-V-C development architecture and object oriented programming. I will be adding those classes in the near future to the new Java Section of the website. I started to add content to this site.

I am back. Read through the entire animation chapter. Worked on the files. Got it all working. I'm not going to say today was easy. It wasn't. I did get everything working so far. I almost gave up on the game engine, but I figured out what the problem was with a number of google searches. After, changing the way the media files were loaded into the basic example. It all worked. More to come....

Today I completed all chapters up to the framework deployment. All the classes compiled and worked without modifications. There are 3 main frameworks to choose from when

Hello everyone. Today I have decided to dive into the realm of Java.  I am going to work on a game library that will allow me to build games using the java programming