Today was a big day. I made an agreement to have a staff member for the website that will have the title of editor in chief. She will be the one who is in charge of fixing all of my grammar on this site. If you know me, that's a big plus. I type and I type what I am thinking. Sometimes, its a grammatic nightmare. I got something In place in all the areas of the site now except for games. I plan on doing a site game of some kind. Not to sure what as of this moment. I got to think about what would be fun. Maybe, my old tapper game. Maybe, a new game. I  don't know. I would like it to be playable from the site. I just love games and I really want a game on the site. Hope the changes look good.

Note from the EIC: I refuse to edit this entry in order to retain evidence that my services are necessary. #jobsecurity

Excited to be on board! 

OK, so I have neglected the site. Today, I took a hard look at it and once again, moved things around. The update to the forum caused all kinds of problems.

After fixing everything, I posted a tutorial class on LinkedIn.  Then I decided I would get this site up and ready for the  tutorial class as well. Makes sense to put the tutorial class on the site.

Anyway, I am done for the day.