Programming is a complicated task. Not everyone can program. Do not feel bad or discouraged if you are unable to program. To be able to think in machine code and to be able to learn a computer language, is a difficult task. It will take a lifetime to master. This is not to discourage you from programming. It is to comfort you. I am convinced that it requires a specific mind set to program. It's just a fact.


Do you have what it takes to write code?


If so, the first quest is to download an IDE and setup Java onto your computer. What is an IDE? It's an Integrated Development Environment. It is the software used to write code. If you know how to setup and install Java and you know what IDE you enjoy, good deal. You will be ready for this tutorial. If you have no idea, then complete the first quest.


Quest: Download and install BlueJ on your computer. BlueJ is an integrated development environment for Java that is great for new programmers. It's well documented and is a great learning source. Due to changes in environments and ways of setting up Java, I am not going to attempt to guide anyone through the process. It is a quest to prepare for this tutorial. If you are unable to complete this quest, resign to the fact that you were not meant to be a programmer. This quest should be an easy quest if you have what it takes to write code.


I will not be teaching you BlueJ as well. As a programmer, you must be willing to solve problems. All programmers solve problems when they code. Problem solving is a needed skill as a programmer. You must read the documentation. Study the BlueJ IDE and get familiar with it on your own. Again, if you get stuck on this quest. You do not have the skill to become a programmer. Look into another field of study. Programming is not your thing. If you get it all working, understand how to use BlueJ, and are ready to learn, continue to the next page.


Link to install BlueJ