My Resume Quiz

This quiz will help you and I determine if I am of value to you and your company. Enjoy.

Answer the questions honestly.

1. (Yes or No) Do you want a programmer who is dynamic, quick thinking, and a smart problem solver who continually adapts to a technological environment and consistently learns and evolves with technology?

A. No, I am not your man.

B. Yes, Next Question, please.

2. (A or B) Do you want an experienced programmer who has been in the technological trenches since 1991 or a cookie cutter machine produced programmer?

A. Cookie Cutter, please. I am not your man.

B. Experienced Tech Warrior, Next Question.

3. (Yes or No) Do you want someone who understands the fundamentals of programming and capable of programming in all languages, willing to learn new things as technology evolves?

A. No, I am not your man.

B. Yes, Next Question.

4. (Portfolio or Pass) Do you have time to read and learn about someone to add to your team that will be a positive asset?

A. No, I am not your man.

B. Yes, Enjoy my portfolio.

Thank you for your time and taking this valuable quiz.

I am Jason M Petty. Senior programmer who wants to be a valuable asset and work for a great organization/company.



Skills Rating Chart

(0 to 10)

Updated: 4/9/2018

0 no knowledge

3 aware of technology never used

5 explored technology by reading books and web articles or talking to friends

8 developed with technology

10 favorite technology 

The skills rating chart will be updated with learning and development. Check date on this site for latest update on ratings. Contact Jason Petty for suggestions to this list. This list is an honest assessment of actual skills. I have the capability to learn rapidly and adapt so if the rating is low, it does not mean that i am unable to use the technology. I have been in the programming realm since 1991 and i am always learning.

Rating / technology / Description

0 / Agile Methodology / concept to allow alternative project management

8 / Apache Web Server / best ever web server (my thoughts)

8 / Android / Mobile Programming Language

10 / Android Studio / Google's Android integrated development environment

3 / Angular.js / dynamic web application framework

3 / ASP.NET CORE and ASP.NET CORE MVC / Web Application Development Framework by Microsoft

10 / QBasic / My first programming language!

10 / Blender / Open source 3d creator. Awesome software

10 / BlueJ / Java integrated development environment

3 / Bootstrap / open source front-end for designing websites and web applications

8 / C / programming language

8 / C++ / programming language

8 / / type-safe object oriented language to build applications by Microsoft

3 / Click Team Fusion / Game Creation Engine

0 / Confluence / content collaboration software

5 / Construct 2 / Game Creation Engine

8 / CSS / Cascading Style Sheets

8 / Eclipse / Integrated Development Environment

10 / Game Maker / Game Creation Engine

10 / GIMP / Best drawing software ever (my thoughts)

5 / Git / open source version control system

8 / HTML / Hypertext Markup Language

5 / IntelliJ / Java Integrated Development Environment

10 / Java / object orientated programming language

8 / JavaScript / Client side scripting language

0 / Jira / light weight issue tracker to manage projects

5 / JSON  JavaScript Object Notation / light-weight data interchange format

0 / Knockout.js / JavaScript implementation of the MVVM architecture

3 / Linq to Entity Framework / powerful query language

8 / Linux / best operating system in the world (my thoughts)

8 / Microsoft SQL Server / rational database management system

8 / Model-View-Controller / MVC programming architectural pattern

3 / Model-View-View-Model / MVVM programming architectural pattern

8 / MySQL / open source rational database management system

3 / Node.js / executes JavaScript code server side

8 / PHP / Server side scripting language

3 / PostgreSQL / advanced open source database

5 / Python / Real cool programming language

0 / Scrum / A way of managing a project

5 / Subversion / apache open source version control system

0 / Transact-SQL / T-SQL - extension to Microsoft SQL to interact with rational databases

10 / Unity / World-Leading Game Creation Engine

5 / Unreal / Game Creation Engine

10 / Visual Studio / Microsoft Integrated Development Environment

10 / Windows / Microsoft's operating system

10 / XML / extensible markup language



Professional Summary

  • Over 20 years of software development experience in multiple languages and platforms in Windows environment including mobile applications.
  • Registered member of Windows Insider Program, Windows Developer Program, Xbox One developer, Facebook Developer, Android Developer.
  • Over 4 years of expertise in design, development, and deployment of Android applications.
  • Owner of a hobby application company known as Tap That App, LLC.
  • Released multiple applications on the Android market.
  • Successfully developed applications that utilize in-app purchases, advertisements such as Ad Mob, ability to interact with Facebook within the Android environment.
  • Proficiency with Object Oriented Architecture, Design, and Programming.
  • Programming experience in current Android SDK based application development.
  • Knowledge and working experience in Eclipse IDE, Android Studio, Unity, Unreal Engine, Microsoft Visual Studio, XNA, Game Maker Studio, Blue Jay, GIMP, Apache Web Server, Linux, Windows.
  • Knowledge and working experience in Android UI Design, Activities/Lifecycles, and Application.
  • Knowledge and working experience in Debugging in multiple languages and environments.
  • Knowledge and working experience in audio features, video features, graphics design, interactive design, animation, and OpenGL/ES.
  • Great at working with web services, multi-threaded send and receives using HTTP Get and HTTP Post requests and parsing the response in many formats.
  • Experienced in developing client-server web applications using multiple languages and environments to include PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, Google Maps, GPS, CSS, cross-platform markup language technologies such as XML, and HTML.
  • Knowledge of Model-View-Controller software architectural pattern.
  • Knowledge of frameworks such angular.js.
  • Knowledge of Windows C# and .net framework, including core and core mvc.
  • Knowledge and working experience with Database Technologies like Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Developed applications using languages such as Basic, C, C++, C#, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, XML, Android.
  • Knowledge and working experience in operating systems such as Linux and Windows to include building and running servers like name servers, web servers, ftp servers, and database servers.
  • Successfully published applications that met all standards including policies and licenses for the Xbox environment, Android environment, Web environment.
  • Owned and maintained many web addresses both unsecure and secure using such technologies as SSL Encryption.
  • Capable of adapting to any technology that is required for an effective job execution.
  • Always learning new skills and technologies. Constantly expanding my knowledge through educational programs such as, an online learning environment founded by Harvard and MIT known as a MOOC.
  • Maintains an extensive library of books based on computer technologies of the past and present.
  • Constantly striving to remain in the forefront of technology and software development.
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills, self-motivated, goal oriented, achiever who loves to solve difficult problems in a programming environment.


Project Portfolio

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