Tapper Android App - Owner Jason Petty Updated December 18, 2012

The Story: This is my first app on the app market for android. I read a book about making android apps and Tapper was born. It's a snake game. In fact, one of my friends joke with me that a snake game should be in every aspect of life. I worked at KC International Airport when I made this game. The "screeners"  that I worked with helped come up with the name of the game and the game theory behind the game. It was a great time. I remember the entire crew of "screeners" on our gate really had fun with developing ideas  for this app. I am sure it still brings fond memories to a lot of people. A time where we worked on a job that was brutal and the small things made it all worth while.

Important note. I lost my digital signature key for updating and maintaining this game. It is permanently frozen in time. I did not realize how important it was to maintain good digital signature keys as a developer. It will never see another update. I leave it on the marker as a timestamp, my first android app.

This game led to my title of Android App Developer.

Tapper on the Android Play Store