Tapper Android App - Owner Jason Petty Updated December 18, 2012

The Story: After reading a book about making android apps, I decided to give it a try. Eventually, Tapper was born and became my first game on the app market for android. Tapper is a snake game. One of my friends joked that a snake game should be in every aspect of life!

At the time I made this game, I worked security at KC International Airport.  Some of my co-workers helped come up with the name of the game and the theory behind it. The entire crew had a great time brainstorming ideas for this app. Because our job was so demanding and stressful, these small moments of laughs and commaradarie gave us much needed relief and some great memories.  

This game led to my title of Android App Developer

IMPORTANT NOTE: I lost my digital signature key for updating and maintaining this game. Because of this, it is permanently frozen in time and will never see an update. I did not realize how important it was to maintain good digital signature keys as a developer. I leave it on the marker as a timestamp, my first android app.