Yet Another Floppy Fish - Owner Tap That App LLC Updated November 16, 2017

The Story: Does anyone remember the Flappy Bird hysteria? After the successful creation of Tapper, I immediately made my next move and purchased software to assist in making games called "GameMaker".

Flappy Bird mania was everywhere in the news! The developer announced that he was going to pull the game from the market. My friends and I were ready to pounce. The brainstorming had begun!

We collaborated on a name and checked the market. We could not find anything named Floppy Fish. You get it? Flappy Bird or Floppy Fish? We planned the timing to release Floppy Fish with the removal of Flappy Bird. Well, yea kinda. If i remember correctly, it took us like 5 days to make this game. We uploaded it and named it Floppy Fish. Then we checked the market. That day 5 other companies had done the sameand on the same day! We were like "Wow". That's crazy.  Quick thinking that I am, to be different then the other names, I re-uploaded as Yet Another Floppy Fish. I never worked on it after that day. We were trying to capitalize on a fad or trend to make a quick buck. It worked for about a week. Then downloads dropped off. It was pretty fun overall.

This app over time was removed due to lack of updating and support. In November of 2017, I updated one more time to remove all ad's , in-game paid coins, and made the game a generic and free. This game did generate money in the early years and even though we were not successful overall. It did make money.

A fun bit of info. We added the words FFF at the end of the title when the game starts. Can you guess what those initials stand for?

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