Super Fly - Owner Tap That App LLC Updated November 15, 2017

The Story: This app is the competitor to Floppy Fish. As we were making floppy fish, my friend was making his own version called super fly. He first built a replica of Flappy Bird. Then he modified it to be his own as Super Fly. The replica he built of Flappy Bird looked and felt similar to Flappy Bird. I was pretty impressed since he built it from playing flappy bird a lot. I believe it took more then 5 days to make. He took his time with it. He released it under Tap That App LLC. My friend and I spent days upon days comparing downloads back in the day. Who had more downloads? YAFloppy Fish or Super Fly. To this day we still compete on who has more downloads. I really need to update my Floppy Fish and take the lead. Ha Ha. He did a real good job at programming. He never programmed in his life. I helped teach him. He is naturally talented at programming. A lot of good times while making this game.

This app over time was removed due to lack of updating and support. In November of 2017, i updated it enough to return it to a downloadable state on the play store.

Super Fly on the Android Play Store