Zombie Death Walkers - Owner Tap That App LLC Updated November 14, 2017

The Story: This app was made with my brother and his wife. My brother was in charge of game design and mechanics. His wife would handle the artwork. I would do the programming. It is a classic slide and match kind of game. It's always been a little "wonky". We never really could get the game play and the feel correct on this game. We made many attempts, design changes, we just burned out. Gave up. I have considered returning some day and see if I can revive it from the ashes. The art work was changed many times. The game play was fiddled with a lot. In the end, we all kinda just went our separate ways leaving the game on the floor of the play store . Not completely dead. Just not done either. Oh well... maybe one day :)

This app over time was removed due to lack of updating and support. In November of 2017, i updated it enough to return it to a downloadable state on the play store.

Zombie Death Walkers on the Android Play Store